PhpStorm 2020.3 Help


For more information on Markdown support in PhpStorm, refer to the Markdown section.

Item Description
Default layout From the list, select how the editor will be shown by default: both editor and preview panes, editor only, or preview only pane.
Auto-scroll preview Select this checkbox to automatically scroll from the cursor position in the source code to the respective position in the preview.
If this checkbox is selected, the Always Select Opened Element button becomes pressed in the toolbar.
Grayscale Select this checkbox to use grayscale for rendering.
PlantUML framework isn't installed This warning appears if the PlantUML framework is not installed. If you need to display the PlantUML diagrams in the Markdown preview, click Install.
Disable automatic language injection in code fences Select this checkbox to disable code injection in fenced code blocks.
Hide errors in code fences Select this checkbox to disable error highlighting in fenced code blocks.
Custom CSS
Load from URI Specify here the path to the desired .css file. Click the Browse button to find the file in the file system.
Add CSS rules Type a particular CSS to be used for rendering the preview. For example, you can specify here the background color and font weight.
Last modified: 19 August 2020