PhpStorm 2020.1 Help

Navigation In Source Code

FunctionShortcutUse this shortcut to...
File Structure PopupCtrl+F12Display the Structure popup for quick navigation through the current file.
Select targetAlt+F1Move focus from the current file, class, method or reference to a data source table to a view suggested in the Select Target pop-up menu. See Navigate with the Select In popup.
Recent FilesCtrl+EShow the list of recently opened files.
Type HierarchyCtrl+HBrowse hierarchy for the selected class.
Navigate to ClassCtrl+NNavigate directly to class in project by specifying its name in a popup.
Navigate to FileCtrl+Shift+NNavigate directly to a file in project by specifying its name in a popup.
Navigate to Recently Opened FileCtrl+EShow the list of recently opened files.
Navigate to LineCtrl+GNavigate to any line in the current file by specifying its number.
Navigate to DeclarationCtrl+BNavigate to declaration of a symbol at caret.
Navigate to ImplementationCtrl+Alt+B Navigate to implementation of the item at caret.

This type of navigation lets you jump from a base type or member to any of its end implementations skipping the intermediate steps in the inheritance chain. For example, suppose that class MyClass inherits abstract class MyAbstractClass, which, in its turn, implements interface MyOriginalInterface. Choosing Go to Implementation when the caret is positioned at MyOriginalInterface takes you directly to the declaration of MyClass.

Navigate to Type DeclarationCtrl+Shift+BNavigate to a type declaration of a symbol at caret, the symbol being a variable or a method call.
Navigate to Super MethodCtrl+UNavigate to a super method declaration of a method under the caret.
Navigate to Test/Test SubjectCtrl+Shift+TNavigate to a test for the class at caret, if any, or navigate from a test to a test subject.
Navigate to Related SymbolCtrl+Alt+HomeNavigate between files with complicated relationships between them.
Go to Header/SourceF10 Switch between source and header files.
Navigate to Next MethodAlt+DownNavigate to the next method declaration in the active editor tab.
Navigate to Previous MethodAlt+UpNavigate to the previous method declaration in the active editor tab.
Navigate to Opening BraceCtrl+[Navigate to the start of the current code block.
Navigate to Closing BraceCtrl+]Navigate to the end of the current code block.
BackCtrl+Alt+Left Undo last navigation operation.
ForwardCtrl+Alt+Right Redo last undone navigation operation.
Navigate to Previous OccurrenceCtrl+Alt+UpNavigate to a previous found item.
Navigate to Next OccurrenceCtrl+Alt+DownNavigate to a next found item.
Last Edit LocationCtrl+Shift+BackspaceMove through the most recent change points.
Navigate to Next Highlighted ErrorF2Navigate to the next found error/warning.
Navigate to Previous Highlighted ErrorShift+F2Navigate to the previous found error/warning.
Last modified: 09 July 2020