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Interval Filters

Interval Filters is a set of separate filters which represent particular events related to the profiled application.

The idea of Interval Filters is "Select all time intervals where a certain event takes place". For example, if you want to analyze the cause of UI freezes, you can leave only time intervals where freezes took place by choosing the UI Freeze event in Interval Filters.

Time intervals selected by Interval Filters may overlap within one thread. For example, it is obvious that UI Freezes can take place on the main thread when it runs User Code. If you apply two or more filters with overlapping intervals, the resulting time interval will be their intersection. Thus, if you simultaneously apply the UI Freezes and User Code filters, the resulting filter will be "Select all time intervals where the user code was running during the UI freeze".

dotTrace distinguishes the following types of events:

Interval filters 1

Pos 1 Interval event name.

Pos 2 Total time the event lasted on selected threads.
Note that UI freezes take place only on the UI thread, therefore, freeze time will be calculated only if the corresponding UI thread is selected.

Pos 3 The percentage of time the event lasted relative to the total selected time.

To apply the Interval Filters filter

  • Select the desired event(s) in the filter.

After you select an event, other filters will show data only for the time intervals where the event took place.

Special interval events 2
Last modified: 01 August 2022