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Thread State

The Thread State filter is used to display and filter the collected time data by a thread state.

The idea of the Thread State filter is to "Select all time intervals where threads were in the specified state". For example, if you want to analyze only time intervals when a certain thread was not working, select the thread on Threads diagram and the Waiting state in the Thread State filter.

Any thread can be in one of the following states at a time:

  • Running

    A thread is executing.

  • Waiting

    A thread is not executing as it is waiting for a resource or notification from another thread.

Thread state 1

Pos 1 State name.

Pos 2 Time spent in this state summed up for all selected threads.

Pos 3 The percentage of time spent in this state relative to the total selected time.

To apply the Thread State filter

  • Select the desired thread state(s) in the filter.

After you select a state, other filters will show data only for the time intervals where threads were in the selected state.

Thread state 2
Last modified: 01 August 2022