dotTrace 2023.2 Help

Add Annotations

During performance analysis, you may want to leave a comment about a specific function or its behavior. dotTrace lets you add annotations to functions using the Properties dialog.

To add an annotation for a function

  1. Select a function in a view.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • On the menu bar, choose View | Properties.

    • Right-click the function, then click Properties in the context menu.

    • Press Ctrl+Q.

  3. The Properties dialog opens:

    Annotations 1
  4. Enter your comment in the Annotation field.

As soon as you click OK, your annotation is saved and the function is marked with the Studying profiling results adding annotations annotation icon in all views, except Overview.

Annotations 2

In the Overview view, you can look through the list of all annotated functions.

Annotations 3
Last modified: 11 November 2022