dotTrace 2024.1 Help

Plain List

The Plain List view shows all functions reachable in the current tab.

To open the Plain List view

  • Click the corresponding icon ThemedIcon.ModePlainView.Screen.[-].png on the left panel.

The view consists of two lists. The first one contains all functions from the call stack. The second list shows functions called by the function selected in the first list (one level deep).

The lists contain the following columns:



Function name

Name of a function.

Time, ms

Total time spent in a function and its subtree. This includes own function time and time spent in functions called from this function.

Own Time, ms

Time spent in a function only.


Own to total time ratio.

Avg Time, ms

Average time spent in one call.

Not available for the Sampling profiling type.


Number of function calls.

Not available for the Sampling profiling type.

When you open a snapshot in the Plain List view, you can:

  • Look through the list of all functions called in your application during the profiling process.

  • Sort functions by Function Name, Time, Ave Time, Own Time and Calls. To do that, click the corresponding column name. By default, functions are sorted by time. That lets you quickly find functions that take the most time.

  • Group functions in different ways. You can group by class, namespace or assembly. That helps you focus on functions from a certain part of your application. Moreover, dotTrace calculates time, own time and number of calls for each grouping element, that helps you find out the impact of the particular class or module on application performance.

  • Choose whether to show or hide system functions.

  • Collapse or extend callees for a particular function, i.e. show all call stacks starting with the selected function. This gives a summary of function execution.

To group functions in the Plain List view

  • Do one of the following:

    • From the menu bar, choose View | Group by | Class or View | Group by | Namespace or View | Group by | Assembly.

    • Click Class or Namespace, or Assembly on the view header.

To remove grouping

  • Choose View | Group by | None from the menu bar or click None on the view header.

To collapse or extend callees

  1. Select a function.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Right-click the function, and choose Collapse Callees or Uncollapse Callees.

    • Press Ctrl+Alt+Space.

The example below shows a function before and after collapsing callees.


To copy function signature to clipboard

  1. Select the desired function.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Press Ctrl+C.

    • In the context menu, select Copy Signature to Clipboard.

    • From the main menu, select Edit | Copy Signature to Clipboard.

Last modified: 09 May 2024