PyCharm Edu 2017.3 Help

Navigation In Source Code

FunctionShortcutUse this shortcut to...
File Structure Pop-up Ctrl+F12 Display the Structure pop-up window for quick navigation through the current file.
Select target Alt+F1 Move focus from the current file, class, method or reference to a data source table to a view suggested in the Select Target pop-up menu. See Navigating Between IDE Components.
Recent Files Ctrl+E Show the list of recently opened files.
Recently Changed Files Ctrl+Shift+E Show the list of recently updated files.
Type Hierarchy Ctrl+H
Method Hierarchy Ctrl+Shift+H
Navigate to Line Ctrl+G Navigate to any line in the current file by specifying its number.
Navigate to Declaration Ctrl+B Navigate to declaration of a symbol at caret.
Navigate to Implementation Ctrl+Alt+B Navigate to implementation of the item at caret.
Navigate to Type Declaration Ctrl+Shift+B Navigate to a type declaration of a symbol at caret, the symbol being a variable or a method call.
Navigate to Super Method Ctrl+U Navigate to a super method declaration of a method under the caret.
Navigate to Test/Test Subject Ctrl+Shift+T Navigate to a test for the class at caret, if any, or navigate from a test to a test subject.
Navigate to Related Symbol Ctrl+Alt+Home Navigate between files with complicated relationships between them.
Navigate to Next Method Alt+Down Navigate to the next method declaration in the active editor tab.
Navigate to Previous Method Alt+Up Navigate to the previous method declaration in the active editor tab.
Navigate to Opening Brace Ctrl+Open Bracket Navigate to the start of the current code block.
Navigate to Closing Brace Ctrl+Close Bracket Navigate to the end of the current code block.
Back Ctrl+Alt+Left Undo last navigation operation.
Forward Ctrl+Alt+Right Redo last undone navigation operation.
Navigate to Previous Occurrence Ctrl+Alt+Up Navigate to a previous found item.
Navigate to Next Occurrence Ctrl+Alt+Down Navigate to a next found item.
Last Edit Location Ctrl+Shift+Backspace Move through the most recent change points.
Navigate to Next Highlighted Error F2 Navigate to the next found error/warning.
Navigate to Previous Highlighted Error Shift+F2 Navigate to the previous found error/warning.
Last modified: 30 March 2018