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Changing Color Values in Style Sheets

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In addition to the editing techniques that are common for all file types, PyCharm provides specific techniques for CSS, Sass, SCSS and Less files.

In particular, it is possible to easily change color values without the necessity to memorize and type color codes.

The color properties are marked with the icons of the corresponding color in the left gutter area of the editor. Use these icons to view colors and change color values. When you point with your mouse cursor to the color icon, the pop-up window appears, showing the color and its code.


Choosing color value

To choose color value in a style sheet

  1. Open the desired style sheet for editing.
  2. Type color:, and then press Ctrl+Space.
  3. Select the desired color value from the suggestion list, or choose color... to pick a custom one:

Changing color value

To change color value in a style sheet

  1. Open the desired style sheet for editing, and locate color property to be changed.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If the color icon is shown, just double-click is in the left gutter of the editor.
    • If the color icon is not shown, then press Alt+Enter, or click intentionBulb to reveal the list of intention actions, and choose Change color intention action:
  3. In the Choose color dialog box, pick the desired new color, and click Choose:

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Last modified: 23 November 2016