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Creating and Managing Projects

Whatever you do in PyCharm, you do that in the context of a project. A project is an organizational unit that represents a complete software solution. It serves as a basis for coding assistance, bulk refactoring, coding style consistency, etc.

Once you have opened a folder in PyCharm, the .idea subfolder is added to it where PyCharm stores its internal configuration settings, for example, for the project code style or the version control system.

PyCharm does not support direct editing of files on remote hosts. Therefore to work with remote sources in PyCharm, you need to download them, open the folder where they are stored, and arrange them in a PyCharm project, as described in Importing Project from Existing Source Code. To keep your local and remote sources synchronized, configure automatic upload using the Upload changed files automatically to the default server drop-down list in the Options dialog box.

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Last modified: 23 April 2019

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