PyCharm 2019.2 Help

Create and run

PyCharm provides an action that helps create script, intended for building, distributing, and installing modules.

Once is created, the corresponding action becomes disabled, but instead appears the action that allows running tasks of this utility.


  1. In the Project tool window, choose the project you want to package.

  2. From the main menu, choose Tools | Create

  3. In the New Setup Script dialog, specify package name, version and the other required information:

    Create a file

  4. Click OK when ready. PyCharm creates and opens it in the editor.


  1. From the main menu, choose Tools | Run

  2. In the Enter task name dialog, type the letters of the task names. Note that asterisk wildcard and initial letters of the snake_case names are honored.

    As you type, the suggestion list shrinks to show the matching names only. Choose the desired task, and press Enter.

    Run a setup script

Last modified: 6 November 2019