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This section lists and describes the keyboard shortcuts that include the Ctrl+Alt keys:

Ctrl+Alt+Alphanumeric keys

ShortcutFunctionUse this shortcut to...
Ctrl+Alt+BNavigate to Implementation

Navigate to implementation of an item at the caret.

Ctrl+Alt+CExtract ConstantReplace selected expression with a constant (static final field) (Refactoring).
Ctrl+Alt+FIntroduce FieldPut the selected expression result into a field (Refactoring).
Ctrl+Alt+HCall HierarchyBrowse call hierarchy for the selected method. See pageSource code hierarchy.
Ctrl+Alt+IAuto-indent LinesIndent current line or selected block according to the Code Style settings.
Ctrl+Alt+JSurround with Live TemplateSurround the selection with one of the Live Templates.
Ctrl+Alt+LReformat codeRearrange the selected block of code.
Ctrl+Alt+MExtract MethodCreate a method from the selected code (Refactoring).
Ctrl+Alt+NInlineInline the selected method/variable (Refactoring).
Ctrl+Alt+PIntroduce Parameter Turn the selected expression into a method parameter (Refactoring).
Ctrl+Alt+TSurround withSurround selected code fragment with if, while, try/catch, or another construct.
Ctrl+Alt+VIntroduce VariablePut selected expression result into a variable (Refactoring). See pageExtract/Introduce variable.
Ctrl+Alt+YReload All from DiskDetect all externally changed files and reload them from disk.

Ctrl+Alt+Navigation keys

ShortcutFunctionUse this shortcut to...
Ctrl+Alt+EnterStart new line before current oneStart a new line before the current one.
Navigate to Next/Previous OccurrenceNavigate to the next/previous found item.

Undo last navigation operation. See page about navigated items


Redo last undone navigation operation. See page about navigated items

Ctrl+Alt+HomeNavigate to Related SymbolNavigates between files with the various relationships.

Ctrl+Alt+Function (F) keys

ShortcutFunctionUse this shortcut to...
Ctrl+Alt+F6Switch to another coverage suite.Open the Coverage Suites popu-up window and select the desired suite to run.
Ctrl+Alt+F7Show usages

Show usages of a symbol at the caret.

See page View usages of a symbol

Ctrl+Alt+F8Quick Evaluate ExpressionEvaluate an arbitrary expression without calling Evaluate Expression dialog.
Ctrl+Alt+F9Force Run to CursorRun to the line where the caret is located, ignoring breakpoints. See page Step through the program.
Last modified: 17 August 2020