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Endpoints tool window

If you are developing an Express application, you can get an overview of route handlers in the Endpoints tool window. The tool window can assist you when developing microservices and backend-frontend communication. It is also helpful for exploring third-party APIs.working with RESTful APIs.

Endpoint tool window

You can also navigate from the Endpoints tool window or from endpoint usages to the relevant endpoint declaration using the Go to Declaration action Ctrl+B or Ctrl+Click.

Jump to source from the Endpoint tool window

To search for Express route declarations, go to Navigate | URL Mapping… from the main menu or press Ctrl+Shift+\ and select the relevant declaration from the list.

Find Express route declaration

In the Endpoints tool window, you can filter the list of endpoints by module, type, and framework. To list endpoints from external sources (for example, from remote OpenAPI specifications), select External under Module.

Endpoint tool window: filter by module

Endpoints marked as deprecated appear with a strikethrough (crossed out).

Before you start

By default, the Endpoints tool window is not available in PyCharm.

  • To add the Endpoints tool window, install the Endpoints plugin on the Settings | Plugins page, tab Marketplace.

  • To work with REST APIs, install the OpenAPI Specifications plugin (Settings | Plugins page, tab Marketplace).

See Installing plugins from JetBrains repository for details.


Options of the Endpoints tool window




Filter endpoints by module or select an external module


Filter endpoints by type


Filter endpoints by framework

the Configure OpenAPI Sources icon

Configure OpenAPI Sources: Add an external OpenAPI specification (for example, from SwaggerHub) to include endpoints from this specification in the Endpoints tool window and highlight them with a yellow background. In the OpenAPI Specifications window that opens, click the Add button in the Remote Specifications list, and specify the URL of an OpenAPI specification file or find an OpenAPI specification on SwaggerHub. This also adds URLs defined in the specification to code completion.

Completion suggestion for Express routes

Learn more from Working with REST APIs in PyCharm.

the Options icon

Configure the tool window layout and filters:

  • Compact List Items: Show only the endpoint addresses, without the type and framework.

  • Group by Module: Group endpoints from the same module.

  • Show From Libraries: Include endpoints defined in libraries.

  • Show From Tests: Include endpoints defined in tests.

Services diagram

PyCharm provides a diagram to show the interactions between microservices. In the Endpoints tool window, click the Services Diagram button.

Services Diagram
Last modified: 10 May 2023