PyCharm 2022.3 Help


PyScript is a framework that allows you to create Python applications in the browser using HTML interface.

PyCharm provides basic code completion and validation for Python code in an HTML file written using PyScript.

Add Python code to HTML file using PyScript

  1. In the HTML file, inside the head tag, add the following script tag with the path to the pyscript.js file:

    <script defer src=""></script>

    You can use the pyscript.js file hosted on the website, or you can store the file locally and provide the path to it on your machine.

  2. Add a py-script tag to the body of the HTML file.

  3. Add Python code to the py-script tag. PyCharm will highlight the Python code inside this tag and provide code completion.

For the complete list of the PyScript tags supported by PyCharm, see Supported PyScript tags.

When you've added Python code to the HTML file, you can preview the output in a browser. For more details on how to preview HTML files in PyCharm, see Viewing Pages with Web Contents.

Preview the output of Python code created with PyScript

Supported PyScript tags

Here is the list of PyScript tags supported by PyCharm:

Last modified: 25 July 2022