PyCharm 2024.1 Help

Reporting Issues and Sharing Your Feedback

PyCharm provides various means to report problems and seek for assistance.

Locate PyCharm log

On certain occasions, you will be required to attach the PyCharm log to an email to the support service. You can easily locate the log file as described below.

  • Go to Help | Show Log in Explorer (Windows and Linux), or Help | Show Log in Finder (macOS). The Explorer/Finder opens, with the log file selected.

Report an issue in Youtrack

  1. Click Help | Submit a Bug Report.

  2. Describe your problem and provide a brief summary in the Description and Summary fields respectively.

  3. If it is possible, attach a screenshot that illustrates your problem .

  4. Click Create.

Configure PyCharm log settings

To avoid editing the log.xml file itself, PyCharm suggests a handy dialog to change logging level for a category. This file resides under the bin directory of PyCharm installation.

  1. Click Help | Diagnostic Tools | Debug Log Settings.

  2. In the Custom Debug Log Configuration dialog, type the log categories names, separated with new lines.

Sharing feedback

  • Select Help | Submit Feedback, which redirects you to the online feedback form.

    This form enables you to create a PyCharm-specific YouTrack issue.

Seeking assistance

To find assistance, do one of the following:

Last modified: 08 April 2024