PyCharm 2021.2 Help

Keymap reference

When consulting this page and other pages in PyCharm documentation, you can see keyboard shortcuts for the keymap that you use in the IDE — choose it using the selector at the top of a page.

PyCharm's top keyboard shortcuts

Search EverywhereDouble Shift
Find Action... Ctrl+Shift+A
Rebuild Ctrl+Shift+F9
Show Intention Actions Alt+Enter
Recent Files Ctrl+E
Find Usages Alt+F7
Select In... Alt+F1
Settings... Ctrl+Alt+S
Generate... Alt+Insert
Run AnythingDouble Ctrl
Debug... Alt+Shift+F9
View Breakpoints... Ctrl+Shift+F8
Attach to Process... Ctrl+Alt+F5
VCS Operations Popup... Alt+`
Refactor This... Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T
Reformat Code Ctrl+Alt+L

Build projects

Build Project Ctrl+F9
Rebuild Ctrl+Shift+F9

Basic editing

Cut Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Paste as Plain Text Ctrl+Alt+Shift+V
Paste from History... Ctrl+Shift+V
Duplicate Line or Selection Ctrl+D
Copy Paths Ctrl+Shift+C
Copy Reference Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C
Save All Ctrl+S
Undo Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Shift+Z
Indent Selection Tab
Unindent Line or Selection Shift+Tab
Start New Line Shift+Enter
Start New Line Before Current Ctrl+Alt+Enter
Delete Line Ctrl+Y
Toggle Case Ctrl+Shift+U
Scratch File Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Insert
Open source in new window Shift+F4

Caret navigation

Move Caret to Previous Word Ctrl+Left
Move Caret to Next Word Ctrl+Right
Move Caret to Line Start Home
Move Caret to Line End End
Move Caret to Matching Brace Ctrl+Shift+M
Move Caret to Code Block Start Ctrl+[
Move Caret to Code Block End Ctrl+]
Next Method Alt+Down
Previous Method Alt+Up
Move Caret to Page Top Ctrl+Page Up
Move Caret to Page Bottom Ctrl+Page Down
Page Up Page Up
Page Down Page Down
Move Caret to Text Start Ctrl+Home
Move Caret to Text End Ctrl+End

Select text

Select All Ctrl+A
Left with Selection Shift+Left
Right with Selection Shift+Right
Move Caret to Previous Word with Selection Ctrl+Shift+Left
Move Caret to Next Word with Selection Ctrl+Shift+Right
Move Caret to Line Start with Selection Shift+Home
Move Caret to Line End with Selection Shift+End
Up with Selection Shift+Up
Down with Selection Shift+Down
Move Caret to Code Block Start with Selection Ctrl+Shift+[
Move Caret to Code Block End with Selection Ctrl+Shift+]
Move Caret to Page Top with Selection Ctrl+Shift+Page Up
Move Caret to Page Bottom with Selection Ctrl+Shift+Page Down
Page Up with Selection Shift+Page Up
Page Down with Selection Shift+Page Down
Move Caret to Text Start with Selection Ctrl+Shift+Home
Move Caret to Text End with Selection Ctrl+Shift+End
Extend Selection Ctrl+W
Shrink Selection Ctrl+Shift+W

Multiple carets and selection ranges

Coding assistance

Show Intention Actions Alt+Enter
Basic Completion Ctrl+Space
Type-Matching Completion Ctrl+Shift+Space
Second Basic Completion Ctrl+Alt+Space
Complete Current Statement Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Reformat Code Ctrl+Alt+L
Parameter Info Ctrl+P
Quick Documentation Ctrl+Q
Move Statement Up Ctrl+Shift+Up
Move Statement Down Ctrl+Shift+Down
Move Element Left Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Left
Move Statement Right Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Right
Move Line Up Alt+Shift+Up
Move Line Down Alt+Shift+Down
Comment with Line Comment Ctrl+/
Comment with Block Comment Ctrl+Shift+/
Generate... Alt+Insert

Context navigation

Find everything

Find Usages Alt+F7
Go to Declaration or Usages Ctrl+B
Go to Type Declaration Ctrl+Shift+B
Show Usages Ctrl+Alt+F7
Go to Super Method Ctrl+U
Go to Implementation(s) Ctrl+Alt+B
Highlight Usages in File Ctrl+Shift+F7

Code analysis

Show Intention Actions Alt+Enter
Next Highlighted Error F2
Previous Highlighted Error Shift+F2
Run Inspection by Name... Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I
Show Problems window Alt+6

Run and debug

Run AnythingDouble Ctrl
Run context configuration Shift+F10
Run... Alt+Shift+F10
Debug context configuration Shift+F9
Debug... Alt+Shift+F9
Attach to Process... Ctrl+Alt+F5
Stop Ctrl+F2
Resume Program F9
Stop Background Processes... Ctrl+Shift+F2
Step Over F8
Force Step Over Alt+Shift+F8
Step Into F7
Smart Step Into Shift+F7
Force Step Into Alt+Shift+F7
Step Out Shift+F8
Run To Cursor Alt+F9
Force Run To Cursor Ctrl+Alt+F9
Show Execution Point Alt+F10
Evaluate Expression... Alt+F8
Quick Evaluate Expression Ctrl+Alt+F8
Toggle Line Breakpoint Ctrl+F8
Toggle Temporary Line Breakpoint Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F8
View Breakpoints... Ctrl+Shift+F8
Edit Breakpoint Ctrl+Shift+F8
Show Run window Alt+4
Show Debug window Alt+5
Show Services window Alt+8


Refactor This... Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T
Rename... Shift+F6
Change Signature... Ctrl+F6
Inline... Ctrl+Alt+N
Move... F6
Extract Method... Ctrl+Alt+M
Introduce Field... Ctrl+Alt+F
Introduce Parameter... Ctrl+Alt+P
Introduce Variable... Ctrl+Alt+V
Safe Delete... Alt+Delete

Global VCS actions

VCS Operations Popup... Alt+`
Commit... Ctrl+K
Update Project Ctrl+T
Rollback Ctrl+Alt+Z
Push... Ctrl+Shift+K
Next Change Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down
Previous Change Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up
Show Version Control window Alt+9
Show Commit window Alt+0

Tool windows

Last modified: 09 June 2021