PyCharm 2021.1 Help

Running and debugging

FunctionShortcutUse this shortcut to...
RunShift+F10Run a program.
Choose configuration and runAlt+Shift+F10Quickly select run/debug configuration and run or edit it.
RerunCtrl+F5Repeat execution with the same settings, with the same tab of the Run tool window having the focus.
Rerun without loosing focus in the editorShift+F10Repeat execution with the same settings, with the same tab of the editor having the focus.
DebugShift+F9Debug a program.
Choose configuration and debugAlt+Shift+F9Quickly select run/debug configuration and debug or edit it.
Show Execution PointAlt+F10Click this button to highlight the current execution point in the editor and show the corresponding stack frame in the Frames pane.
Step OverF8Step to the next line in the current file See Step over.
Step IntoF7Step to the next executed line See Step into.
Smart Step IntoShift+F7

Select the method to step in, if the current line contains multiple method call expressions. See Smart step into.

Step OutShift+F8Step to a first executed line after returning from the current method See Step out.
Force Step OverAlt+Shift+F8Run until the next line in this method or file, skipping the methods referenced at the current execution point and ignoring breakpoints See Force step over.
Step Into My CodeAlt+Shift+F8.
Force Step IntoAlt+Shift+F7Steps into the method called in the current execution point even if this method is to be skipped See Force step into.
Run to CursorAlt+F9Run to the line where the caret is located See Run to cursor.
Force Run To CursorCtrl+Alt+F9Run to the line where the caret is located, ignoring breakpoints See Force run to cursor.
Resume ProgramF9Resume program execution.
Pause ProgramCtrl+Pause

Click this button to pause program execution.

Stop ProgramShift+F2Terminate a debugging session.
Evaluate ExpressionAlt+F8Evaluate an arbitrary expression.
Quick Evaluate ExpressionCtrl+Alt+F8Evaluate an arbitrary expression without calling the Evaluate Expression dialog.
Toggle breakpoint at the current line.Ctrl+F8

You can temporarily mute all the breakpoints in a project to execute the program without stopping at breakpoints.

View BreakpointsCtrl+Shift+F8View/manage all breakpoints.
Last modified: 06 April 2021