PyCharm 2024.1 Help

Save File as Template dialog

PyCharm helps you create file templates from existing files.


Specify the name of the template to display in the UI.

Not available for default built-in templates.


Specify the file extension to associate the template with a specific file type.

Not available for default built-in templates.

File name

If necessary, specify a name for the file created from this template. By default, PyCharm prompts the user to enter a name when adding the file. You can hard-code a specific name to avoid the prompt entirely, or compose a template from available variables. For example, here is how you can use the specified name but put it one directory above the one that was selected during file creation: ../${NAME}

Not available for default built-in templates.

Template editor

Edit the code used for the selected template. For more information about the syntax used in file templates, see Syntax.

Reformat according to style

Reformat the contents generated based on this template according to the code style defined for this file type.

This option is available only for file templates.

Enable Live Templates

Insert live templates inside the file template. Use the Velocity escape syntax to include live template variables in a file template, for example: #[[ $MY_VARIABLE$ $END$ ]]#

Last modified: 11 February 2024