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File types

To view the list of file types recognized by PyCharm, in the Settings/Preferences dialog Ctrl+Alt+S, go to Editor | File Types. If a file in your project is marked with the Unknown file type icon, it indicates that PyCharm can't recognize it. In this case, you can register and configure a new file type.

File type settings


Icon Description
Python script Python script
Icons nodes class Class
Method Method
the Function icon Function
Field Field
Variable Variable
Property Property
Parameter Parameter
Element Element
Project structure
Directory Directory
Package Package
Sources Root Source root
Excluded root Excluded root
the Template roots icon Template roots
Visibility modifiers
Private private
Protected protected
Public public
Pseudoprivate icon The lock decorator in the upper-left part of a symbol marks a symbol whose name begins with one or more underscores. Such names are considered pseudo-private and are specially treated by an interpreter to restrict their visibility scope.
Magic name icon The blue bubble in the upper-left part of a symbol marks a symbol whose name begins and ends with two underscores, and is specially treated by an interpreter and standard library.
Bookmark check Anonymous bookmark – a check sign bookmark. Bookmarks are used for quick navigation within a file or across the entire project.
Bookmark mnemonic Lettered mnemonic bookmark – a letter in the interval from A to Z.
Bookmark number Numbered mnemonic bookmark – a number in the interval from 0 to 9.

Data Sources

Icon Description
Access Method Access Method
Aggregate Aggregate
Alias Type Alias Type
Argument Argument
Body Body
Check Check
Cluster Cluster
Collation Collation
Collection Type Collection Type

Column. For more information about column icon combinations, see Possible icon combinations for columns.

Data File Data File
Database Database
Read-only Read-only status
the DDL data source icon DDL data source
Default Default
Exception Exception
Extension Extension
External Schema External Schema
Foreign Data Wrapper Foreign Data Wrapper
Foreign Key Foreign Key
Foreign Table Foreign Table
Index Index
Key Key
Materialized Log Materialized Log
Materialized View Materialized View
Object Attribute Object Attribute
Object Type Object Type
Operator Operator
Package Package
Projection Projection
data source

Read-only data sources

Role Role
Routine Routine
Rule Rule
Scheduled Event Scheduled Event
Schema Schema
Sequence Sequence
Server Server
the Stored procedure or function icon Stored procedure or function
Synonym Synonym
Table Table
Table Type Table Type
Tablespace Tablespace
Trigger Trigger
User User
User Mapping User Mapping
Variable Variable
View View
Virtual Table Virtual Table
Last modified: 30 November 2020