Qodana 2023.1 Help

Custom YAML profiles

Starting from version 2023.1, you can create and configure Qodana profiles using YAML. Qodana also provides several improvements related to profile configuration, such as:

  • Support for file paths and scopes

  • Support for inspection parameters

  • Profile relationship, so profiles can be extended and included

This sample shows how you can fine-tune Qodana for your needs.

name: "My custom profile" # Profile name baseProfile: empty # Use the 'empty' profile as initial configuration of this profile include: - ".qodana/profiles/other-profile.yaml" # The included file becomes part of this profile groups: # List of configured groups - groupId: InspectionsToInclude groups: - "category:PHP/General" # Inspection category from the linter - "JSCategories" # Include the JSCategories group from below - "PHPInspections" # Include the PHPInspections group from below - groupId: JSCategories groups: - "category:JavaScript and TypeScript/ES2015 migration aids" - groupId: PHPInspections inspections: # Inspection IDs - PhpDeprecationInspection - PhpReturnDocTypeMismatchInspection inspections: # Group invocation - group: InspectionsToInclude enabled: true # Enable the InspectionsToInclude group - inspection: PhpNonCompoundUseInspection severity: WARNING # Overriding the severity level for PhpNonCompoundUseInspection

This sample consists of several nodes:




The profile that will serve as a basis for your profile configuration


Name of the inspection profile


Include an existing file-based profile into your profile


Inspection groups that need to included or excluded in your profile


List of changes applied for baseProfile. These changes could be applied to groups or single inspections


The baseProfile block lets you specify the profile that will serve as a basis for your profile configuration. It can accept the following values:

baseProfile value



The default profile taken from the JetBrains IDE

Project Default

The profile is basically similar to Default, but contains user changes stored in the .idea/inspectionProfiles/Project_Default.xml file


The default Qodana profile, a subset of the qodana.recommended profile


The default Qodana profile implementing the default profiles of JetBrains IDEs


Severities and parameters of inspections are taken from Project Default, but none of the inspections are included. Using empty, you can you can build your profile from scratch

If this parameter is missing, Qodana will employ the Project Default profile, so all settings applied in your custom profile will override such settings contained in Project Default.


Arbitrary name for your profile.

name: "Name of your profile"


The groups block is a list of user-defined groups. Here, you can combine inspection categories and single inspections, and then configure their usage in the inspections block.

Each group definition can include or exclude other groups or single inspections.

You can use the exclamation mark character (!) to negate a group or a category. For example, you can exclude a specific category usage in a group that will be included.

Here is the sample containing the EnabledInspections group defined by a user:

groups: - groupId: EnabledInspections groups: - "category:Java/Probable bugs" inspections: - RedundantIf

This sample contains the following properties:




ID of the group


List of included and excluded inspections in this group


List of included and excluded groups in this group


Unique group identifier.

- groupId: IncludedInspections

In case two groups are defined under the same groupId, the latest group met in the file will be employed. This rule also works for all included files because the settings contained in the included files are considered prior to the settings laid out in the current file.


The list of inspections included in the group.

inspections: - RedundantIf - UnnecessaryLocalVariable


The list of group IDs with possible exclamation mark character (!):

groups: - "ALL" - "category:Java/Probable bugs" - "IncludedInspections" - "!ExcludedInspections" - "severity:WEAK WARNING"

Here, groups lists several values:

groupId value



Include all inspections. Besides that, you can also use LOCAL to inspect your code using inspections available locally, or GLOBAL to inspect your code using the Inspect code action of the JetBrains IDE

category:Java/Probable bugs

Name of the inspection category in the category:categoryname notation, matches the name from the Editor | Settings | Inspections section of the JetBrains IDE


Name of the existing user-defined group, or a group from an included profile


Negate the existing ExcludedInspections inspection group, either user-defined or included from another profile


Include or exclude inspections by a certain severity level. Because the severity value is taken from the Default profile, Qodana is not aware of the changes made in your profile

By default, Qodana supports the following severity levels inherited from the JetBrains IDEs that you can use while configuring your profile:

  • Error

  • Warning

  • Weak Warning


Using inspections, you can:

  • Enable or disable a specific group or an inspection

  • Define the order of applying these settings

  • Define the paths or scopes to be ignored by the specific group or the inspection

  • Change severity levels of the specific group or the inspection

inspections: - group: InspectionGroup - inspection: JavadocReference severity: WARNING - group: ALL ignore: - "vendor/**" - "scope#file[*test*]:src/*" - group: DisabledInspections enabled: false

This sample contains several properties:




The ID of the group from the groupId property of an embedded or a user-defined group


The ID of the inspection


Severity level that will be assigned to a group of inspections or a single inspection. For example, you can specify WARNING instead of ERROR


List of paths using the glob patterns and scopes that will be ignored during inspection


Specify whether the group or the inspection is enabled in the profile. Accepts either true or false


Contains the list of relative paths to included profiles.

include: - "firstprofile.yaml" - "relative/path/to/anotherprofile.yaml"

The include block is not related to baseProfile. If baseProfile contains no values, it is set to Default.

To overview the default profile, in the JetBrains IDE navigate to Settings | Editor | Inspections and select the Default profile in the Profile drop-down selector.

File contents are included in the order of appearance, thus becoming part of your profile. This means that the settings of the included files are used prior to the settings specified in your custom profile.


Suppose, you have the foo.yaml and bar.yaml profiles.

The foo.yaml profile enables the Inspection1, Inspection2 and Inspection3 inspections:

inspections: - inspection: Inspection1 enabled: true - inspection: Inspection2 enabled: true - inspection: Inspection3 enabled: true

The bar.yaml profile disables the Inspection1 inspection:

inspections: - inspection: Inspection1 enabled: false

You can include these two files in the custom profile and disable Inspection2:

include: - "foo.yaml" - "bar.yaml" inspections: - inspection: Inspection2 enabled: false

In this case, the effective profile configuration read by Qodana will look like this:

inspections: - inspection: Inspection1 enabled: false # "bar.yaml" was included later than "foo.yaml" - inspection: Inspection2 enabled: false # it was applied in the custom profile last - inspection: Inspection3 enabled: true

Configuration examples

Here you can find several examples of profile configuration. The Set up a profile section explains how to run your profile while inspecting code.

Exclude an inspection

This sample shows how you can exclude the PhpDeprecationInspection inspection from the Qodana for PHP linter:

name: "PHP/General without PhpDeprecationInspection" baseProfile: qodana.starter inspections: - inspection: PhpDeprecationInspection enabled: false

Alternatively, you can exclude the PhpDeprecationInspection inspection using groups:

name: "PHP/General without PhpDeprecationInspection" baseProfile: qodana.starter groups: - groupId: Inspection inspections: - PhpDeprecationInspection # Specify the PhpDeprecationInspection inspection inspections: - group: Inspection enabled: false # Disable the PhpDeprecationInspection inspection

Exclude paths

You can use the ignore block to ignore specific scopes and paths while inspecting your code.

In the sample below, the vendor/** value employs glob patterns for ignoring the contents of the vendor directory contained in your project root.

The scope definition scope#file:*.js:testData//* ignores all files with the .js extension recursively contained in the testData/ directory.

name: "Ignoring paths" inspections: - inspection: NpmUsedModulesInstalled ignore: - "vendor/**" # Ignore a path - group: "category:JavaScript and TypeScript/General" ignore: - "scope#file:*.js:testData//*" # Ignore a scope

Create a profile from scratch

Using baseProfile, this configuration defines the empty profile, and then it includes only the Java/Data flow inspection group from the Qodana for JVM linter.

name: "Java/Data flow only" baseProfile: empty inspections: - group: "category:Java/Data flow" enabled: true # Enable the 'Java/Data flow' category

As an alternative to baseProfile, you can use ALL in the groups property:

name: "Java/Data flow only" groups: - groupId: ExcludedInspections groups: - "ALL" - groupId: IncludedInspections groups: - "category:Java/Data flow" # Specify the 'Java/Data flow' category inspections: - group: ExcludedInspections enabled: false # Disable all inspections - group: IncludedInspections enabled: true # Enable the 'Java/Data flow' category

Override the existing profile

You can exclude inspection categories from the qodana.starter profile that are not related to the Qodana for .NET linter.

name: "My custom profile" baseProfile: qodana.starter # Use the 'qodana.starter' profile groups: - groupId: ExcludedInspections groups: - "category:Java" - "category:Kotlin" - "category:JVM languages" - "category:Spring" - "category:CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection)" - "category:Bean Validation" - "category:Reactive Streams" - "category:RegExp" - "category:PHP" - "category:Go" - "category:Python" - "category:General" - "category:TOML" inspections: - group: ExcludedInspections enabled: false

Filter by severity

This sample includes all inspections with the WEAK WARNING severity level while inspecting Java code:

name: "My custom profile" groups: - groupId: IncludedInspections groups: - "category:Java" - "severity:WEAK WARNING" inspections: - group: IncludedInspections enabled: true

You can also apply severity level to a specific inspection:

name: "My custom profile" inspections: - inspection: JavadocReference severity: WARNING
Last modified: 16 May 2023