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About Qodana

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Qodana is a smart code quality platform by JetBrains best suited for working in teams. It can analyze code written in 60+ languages, including Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Kotlin, Python, Go, and C#.

Run Qodana in your CI/CD pipeline, or locally

Qodana provides native solutions for Azure Pipelines, CircleCI, GitHub, and TeamCity. With other CI/CD systems, you can use Docker images.

To run Qodana locally, you can use Docker images, the Qodana CLI tool, and JetBrains IDEs.

You can inspect your code using the default inspection profiles, which require no configuration and let you run Qodana out of the box. You can also configure the default inspection profiles or create your own inspection profile in the YAML and XML formats.

Finally, you can go beyond the existing inspections and extend Qodana.

Improve the quality of your software

Qodana reports provide detailed descriptions of concrete problems and the code fragments that contain them, as well as recommendations about how to solve these problems. Using these recommendations, you can improve the quality of your product by preventing bugs in production and learning from the process. For more details, you can read the Inspection report section.

Optimize code reviews

Qodana ensures your code is healthy before it enters the review and testing phase. Achieve quick wins like fewer bugs, vulnerabilities, and conflicting licenses, and meet long-term goals like maintainable code that makes it easy to ship new features and implement changes.

The inspection report will be uploaded to Qodana Cloud so that you can view it in detail. You can also study Qodana reports using JetBrains IDEs and Visual Studio Code. In GitHub, Qodana can leave comments right in your pull requests.

Enforce coding standards

Using Qodana as a quality gate, you can decide the number of problems that cause a build to fail, prioritize problems to be solved right away, postpone others by putting them to a baseline, or automatically apply suggested quick-fixes to let your team save time.

Share reports with other team members

Qodana Cloud helps you accumulate Qodana reports and track the progress in your projects from a single point. These reports are available for all members of your teams.

To familiarize yourself with Qodana Cloud, visit the Qodana Cloud page.

Take advantage of our pricing model

Qodana license costs under the Ultimate and Ultimate Plus licenses depend on the number of active contributors, not project size, so that you can inspect an unlimited number of code lines.

You can also run Qodana with restricted functionality with a free Community license. To compare Qodana licenses, you can visit the Pricing and licenses page.

Next steps

Contact us

If you would like to suggest a new feature or encounter unexpected behavior, please use our issue tracker or email the Support team at qodana-support@jetbrains.com.

To actively participate in the Qodana community, join our GitHub Discussions forum.

Last modified: 24 November 2023