Qodana 2024.1 Help

Deploy Qodana

Qodana provides several deployment options to better fit your needs:

  • Native mode available in the Qodana for .NET linter

  • Docker images let you inspect local projects and build Qodana into your CI/CD pipelines.

  • JetBrains IDEs let you run Qodana, connect to Qodana Cloud, open and review inspection reports.

  • Qodana extension for Visual Studio Code lets you retrieve reports from Qodana Cloud and review inspection reports.

  • Integration tools include applications for seamless integration with CI/CD systems like GitHub and TeamCity, and guides for configuring Qodana Docker images for CI/CD.

  • Gradle plugin provides the Gradle interface for running Qodana in IntelliJ IDEA.

  • Cloud service is a cloud-based version of Qodana.

Last modified: 20 June 2024