Qodana 2022.1 Help

Open an HTML report

Due to JavaScript security restrictions, the generated report cannot be viewed via the file:// protocol (that is, by double-clicking the index.html file). Instead, you can use the --show-report argument to serve the HTML report locally via the http:// protocol. If you have Docker, Python, or PHP installed, you can view the report in the already generated report/ folder as follows:

  • Docker

    docker run -it --rm -p 8000:80 -v $(pwd)/report:/usr/share/nginx/html nginx
  • Python

    cd report/ python2 -m SimpleHTTPServer # or python3 -m http.server
  • PHP

    cd report/ php -S localhost:8000

The report is available at http://localhost:8000. You can stop the web server by pressing Ctrl-C.

Last modified: 28 June 2022