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Qodana is more than a static analysis plugin/UI/CI linter. It is a platform that allows companies to perform multi-level evaluations of the quality of code they own, contract, or purchase.

First, it does help improve code without relying on an IDE, either on a local machine or a build server, and it is designed to be seamlessly integrated into CI/CD pipelines or delivered as a cloud service.

Second, on top of the IntelliJ Inspection functionality, Qodana is extending its number of linters to provide a complete Project Audit.

Linters you can try right now:

The Qodana for JVM, Qodana for PHP, and Qodana for JS linters let you verify compatibility of third-party licenses, see the License audit feature description for details.

To detect code duplicates across different projects, you can use the Qodana Clone Finder linter.

Check the linter you want to try and follow the guidelines!

Last modified: 28 June 2022