Qodana 2024.1 Help

Static analysis

Qodana implements the static analysis mechanism to automatically analyze your codebase without your participation. This means that you just run Qodana to analyze your code and expect recommendations on how you could improve your codebase. No other actions like running additional scripts, downloading external libraries, or any additional configuring is required.

The second fact about static analysis says that your software can be explored by Qodana without building and deploying your software because code analysis is carried out on the codebase basis. So, no other activities are required from this side either.

Once the static analysis stage is complete, you can explore vulnerabilities and faults in your code and see exact lines where Qodana detected imperfections. Qodana is equipped with a multitude of inspections responsible for detecting particular problems.

To sum up, static analysis mechanism of Qodana is an efficient way for keeping your software quality under control. You can observe the list of currently supported technologies, but keep in mind that this list will be growing over time.

Last modified: 20 June 2024