Qodana 2024.1 Help

Code inspections

Each inspection is a set of conditions to check code, detect and correct abnormal fragments in it. Qodana inspections can find and highlight various problems, locate dead code, find probable bugs, spelling problems, and thus facilitate improving the overall code structure. Using inspections, Qodana implements its static analysis mechanism. You can visit the Inspectopedia website and learn more about the inspections used by Qodana.

All inspections are highly configurable, so you can configure:

  • What inspections to run for your codebase. There are lots of various inspections, so you can enable or disable them for some reason.

  • What directories and files to include in your code checking. If you feel that you do not need to analyze any file or group of files, you can exclude them from code analysis.

  • How to configure and use inspection profiles. You can use the preset combinations of inspections specified by inspection profiles aimed for solving specific tasks, or create your own profile aimed for your satisfying your unique needs.

Last modified: 18 June 2024