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Monitoring Memory with dotMemory Unit

If you have ReSharper Ultimate license, you can profile memory usage of your application with JetBrains dotMemory. You can also check your code for all kinds of memory issues right from your unit tests using JetBrains dotMemory Unit.

When dotMemory is enabled, the Reference dotMemory Unit Framework /help/img/dotnet/2016.3/ThemedIcon.Update.Screen.[Gray].png command appears together with Run Unit Tests /help/img/dotnet/2016.3/ThemedIcon.RunTest.Screen.[Gray].png / Debug Unit Tests /help/img/dotnet/2016.3/ThemedIcon.Debug.Screen.[Gray].png commands in the editor, in the Solution Explorer, as well as on the toolbar of the Unit Test Sessions window. You can use this command to automatically install the dotMemory Unit Testing Framework NuGet package and reference it in your unit test project.

As soon as you reference the dotMemory Unit Testing Framework, you will be able to make your unit tests pass or fail depending on memory traffic, presence of specific objects in memory, and other factors. For more information, see Unit Testing and Memory Profiling: Can They Be Combined?

Last modified: 12 October 2017

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