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This page of ReSharper options allows you to adjust ReSharper's behavior in the editor.

Typing assist
Use CamelHumps Enables CamelHumps for the following actions:
  • Extend/Shrink Selection (Ctrl+W / Ctrl+Shift+W)
  • Extend Selection to Next/Previous Word ( Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow / Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow)
  • Go to Next/Previous Word ( Ctrl+Left Arrow / Ctrl+Right Arrow)
  • Delete text from the start of the word to the caret (Ctrl+Backspace)
  • Delete text from the caret to the end of the word Ctrl+Delete
If this check box is selected, the words that compose CamelHumped names are taken into account when you use these actions.
Auto-format on semicolon If this check box is selected, ReSharper applies code formatting rules to the statement when you type a semicolon.
Auto-format on closing brace If this check box is selected, ReSharper applies code formatting rules to the block of code when you type its closing brace.
Auto-format on paste This selector lets you configure whether to apply code formatting rules for pasted code. By default, ReSharper only applies indentation settings when you paste code, which is a convenient option if you do not want to follow formatting rules very strictly.

Note that by default, Visual Studio applies its own formatting rules for edited and pasted code. If you are using ReSharper auto-formatting features, we recommend you to disable Visual Studio auto-formatting. You can do it in Visual Studio options (Tools | Options). For C# for example, clear the corresponding check-boxes on the Text Editor | C# | Code Style | Formatting | General options page.

Correct common language-specific typos If this check box is selected, ReSharper automatically fixes mistyped characters - @$ in verbatim string interpolation or dot or semicolon inside parentheses.
You may want to clear this check box if you prefer to specify double values without the leading zero, e.g. DoSomething(.33);.
Braces and Parentheses
Auto-insert pair brackets, parenthesis and quotes If this check box is selected, a closing bracket, parenthesis or quote is automatically created whenever you type the corresponding opening element [, (, " or '. If you change your mind and press Backspace to delete the opening delimiter, its closing pair is also deleted.
Auto-insert closing brace If this check box is selected, a closing brace is inserted automatically:
  • Immediately after you've typed the opening brace (On typing an opening brace)
  • After you've typed the opening brace and pressed Enter (On Enter after an opening brace)
Structural navigation
Use Tab/Shift+Tab keys for structural navigation This check box enables Structural Navigation and overrides the behavior of Tab and Shift+Tab. There are also three sub-options that allow you to specify when the standard behavior of these keys should be preserved.
Last modified: 12 October 2017

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