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Locating Current Document in Solution/Assembly Explorer

ReSharper | Tools | Locate in Solution/Assembly Explorer

This handy navigation feature lets you expand the tree in the Solution Explorer, auto-scroll and highlight the item corresponding to the current document. It is especially useful when you have a massive solution, or a limited screen area that forces you to shrink the Solution Explorer window to the limit.

This command also works with decompiled code allowing you to locate decompiled symbols in the Assembly Explorer window. In this case, the command is sensitive to the caret position: If the cursor is on a specific symbol, the item corresponding to this symbol is highlighted in the Assembly Explorer; if the cursor is elsewhere in the document, the root type of the document is highlighted.

To locate the current document in the Solution or Assembly Explorer

  1. In the editor, switch to a document that you want to locate in the Solution Explorer.
  2. Press Shift+Alt+L or choose ReSharper | Tools | Locate in Solution/Assembly Explorer in the main menu,
  3. ReSharper will bring the Solution Explorer window or Assembly Explorer window (depending on whether your caret is in source or in decompiled code) to focus and show you the item there.
Last modified: 14 December 2017

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