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Completion Filters

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This page of ReSharper options allows you to configure filtering in ReSharper's Code Completion (IntelliSense). For more information, see Using Filters in Code Completion.



Enable Filters

This check box allows you to enable or disable filters for code completion suggestions.

Show filters bar in completion window

If you clear this check box, completion filters stay enabled but the filter bar is not shown under the completion popup. You can still toggle filter using shortcuts, which you can assign to each filter. You can also configure the default state of the filters below on this options page. The custom filters stay enabled as well.

Persist filters state

If this check box is selected, ReSharper saves and restores your modifications to completion filters each time you use code completion. The current state of filters is shown in the table below this check box. You can use this table to define filter settings that will be applied next time you use code completion.

Custom Filters

This section lists custom filters, which can exclude specific symbols, namespaces and/or assemblies from the completion suggestions.


Allows creating a new custom filter.


Allows editing the selected custom filter.


Removes the selected custom filter.

Last modified: 21 December 2018

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