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To navigate to a declaration of an item at the caret position
  • On the main menu, choose ReSharper | Navigate | Go to Declaration.
  • Press Ctrl+B.
  • Ctrl+click the item.


    If a selected item has several declarations, choose one of them from the drop-down list.


    To display the list of found declarations in the Find Results window, press + on the numeric keypad.

The source file opens and the caret positions at the selected type, method, field, or local variable declaration. If the file with this item is closed, it will open in a new tab. For library symbols, the corresponding entity displays in the Object Browser.

Consider the following example:
Go to Declaration
After pressing Ctrl+B, the caret is repositioned as follows:
Go to Declaration
However, positioning the caret at the IProjectFile type identifier and pressing Ctrl+B will navigate you to the declaration of this interface.

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