ReSharper 2024.1 Help

ReSharper's network activity

ReSharper may use your network connection for several purposes.


Description and configuration

Look for updates

ReSharper can detect available updates (including plugin updates) and suggest downloading new versions.

To disable automatic checks for updates, clear the Download the list of available updates checkbox on the Environment | Updates page of ReSharper options Alt+R, O.

Send out anonymous usage statistics

ReSharper can collect and send out some information that helps us find bottlenecks and improve the quality of the product. All information is sent anonymously.

To enable or disable this activity, use the Participate anonymously in the Feedback program checkbox on the Environment | Product Feedback page of ReSharper options Alt+R, O.

Use AI Assistant

When you are working with AI Assistant, your queries are processed by third-party language model providers (such as OpenAI). The queries are managed and routed by the JetBrains AI service.

To enable or disable this activity, use the AI Assistant checkbox on the Environment | Products & Features page of ReSharper options Alt+R, O.

Download PDB and symbol files

In order to work with original sources when navigating compiled code ReSharper may need to download PDB and symbol files from symbol server. You can disable that, in which case ReSharper will have to decompile locally available assemblies.

To toggle the access to symbol servers, use the Allow downloading from remote locations checkbox on the Tools | External Sources page of ReSharper options Alt+R, O.

Search and install ReSharper extensions

By default, ReSharper enables the external package source ( for browsing and installing extensions. If necessary, you can disable this source and/or add your own local sources on the Environment | Extension Manager page of ReSharper options Alt+R, O.

Download NuGet packages

ReSharper needs the internet connection to search metadata of NuGet packages when you are using NuGet Browser window.

Verify license information

ReSharper may use your network to check for duplicate licenses or to obtain a license from the license server. For more information, refer to Specify license information.

Normally, no additional modifications in the firewall configuration are needed. In case of any difficulties, adjust firewall settings so that devenv.exe can access the network. You can also adjust the proxy settings for ReSharper's internet connection on the Environment | Web Proxy Settings page of ReSharper options Alt+R, O.

Last modified: 11 February 2024