ReSharper 2024.1 Help

What's new in ReSharper 2024.1

  • A number of improvements of AI Assistant, including AI code completion.

  • Improved performance of the Rename refactoring.

  • New UI for naming style settings.

  • The default output format of InspectCode is changed from XML to SARIF. XML output is still available with the -f="xml" parameter.

  • Task<T> and ValueTask<T> support in the Dispose analysis.

  • Ability to decompile .NET assemblies in the WebCIL packaging format support.

  • Dedicated tool window for the assembly diff.

  • New features in C++:

    • Call Tracking now supports outgoing call chains.

    • C++20 modules: improved performance and support for internal module partitions.

    • Unreal Engine:

      • Support for the Slate UI framework.

      • Completion offers asset paths when completing resource names in C++ code.

      • Interfaces are now supported in HLSL shader code.

    • Improvements for the clang-format integration include support for GNU built-in style and the IndentAccessModifiers and DisableFormat format style options.

    • Change signature offers new features, including the ability to change a parameter type between a pointer, a reference, or a value type.

    • Grazie spell-checking in doc comments.

    • New settings to configure the style of documentation comments (ReSharper | Options | Code editing | C++ | Code generation).

    • New formatter options: "Break line after goto labels", "Indent goto labels", arrangement of enumerators, "Do not change" for empty braces formatting.

Last modified: 10 April 2024