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Editor Integration

ReSharper options: Tools | Debugger | Editor Integration

On this page of ReSharper options, you can configure ReSharper's debugging assistance in the editor.

Inlay editor hints

Display hints in

Here you can choose the font style for inline values:

ReSharper: inline values

Show local variables values in the editor

Shows or hides local variables in inline values.

Show current line expressions in the editor

Shows or hides line expressions in inline values.

Show function return values in the editor

Shows or hides function return values in inline values.

Debugger DataTips

Override Visual Studio DataTips with ReSharper DataTips

ReSharper can optionally replace the Visual Studio DataTips with its own DataTips, which have a number of distinctions:

  • You can search for specific values in the current suspended-execution context. To do so, just start typing when the focus is in the DataTip. Note that the search will only find values in expanded nodes.

  • The DataTip disappears not when you remove the mouse pointer, but when you click anywhere outside the DataTip.

  • If a type neither has a meaningful ToString() override nor is it annotated with the [DebuggerDisplay] attribute, then the presentation of objects of this type in debugger views could be quite uninformative. In ReSharper DataTips, you can customize presentation of such objects on-the-fly. To do so, expand the type in the DataTip, right-click the desired data members and choose Highlight Property:

    ReSharper DataTips: Revealing values for debugged objects
Last modified: 29 December 2021