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ReSharper options: Environment | IntelliSense | Autopopup

In this page of ReSharper options, you can define how the ReSharper's Automatic completion works in various contexts of different languages.

Enable Automatic IntelliSense Popup

Use this checkbox to enable or disable Automatic completion.

Using the language tabs, you can choose how automatic completion should work in each language and context:

  • Do not display: disables auto-completion

  • Display and preselect: enables auto-completion with hard selection

  • Display but do not preselect: enables auto-completion with soft selection

Here is how hard and soft selection modes differ:

  • Hard selection (blue in most color themes) lets you insert the selected item with Enter, Tab, Space, as well as dot, open parenthesis, open bracket, semicolon, and so on (depending on the context). Completion on Space can be enabled or disabled for each language on the Environment | IntelliSense | Completion Characters page of ReSharper options .

    ReSharper. Auto-completion list with hard selection.
  • Soft selection (grey in most color themes) will gently highlight the best match, but it will not interfere with typing — you can either continue typing to close the popup or choose the desired item manually. But if you see that the highlighted item is suggested correctly, you can still insert it by pressing Tab.

    ReSharper. Auto-completion list with soft selection.
Last modified: 11 February 2024