ReSharper 2021.2 Help

Completion Behavior

This page of ReSharper options allows you to define the behavior of ReSharper's IntelliSense popup. For more information, see Code completion (IntelliSense).

Narrow down list on typingDefines whether ReSharper should drop the items that do not match to the entered symbols and to the letters of a CamelHumps expression when displaying completion lists.
Automatically complete single item withThis group of options lets you enable or disable automatic commit for specific code completions (Basic completion, Smart completion, Import Symbol Completion) in cases where there is a single possible choice in the completion list. That is, as soon as the completion list narrows down to one item, the item is inserted automatically.
Automatically insert parenthesis after completion:This group of options defines how parentheses are inserted when completing a method.
Match middle of identifiersIf this checkbox is selected, ReSharper matches letters at any position in the compound word according to the CamelHumps notation.
Sort itemsThis selector allows specifying how completion suggestions are sorted in the list. The By relevance option, selected by default, means that ReSharper applies heuristics to determine which suggestions are more relevant based on the context and your previous input. If necessary, you can choose Alphabetically to apply a more straightforward sorting order.
Smart Behavior in basic completion

This selector allows you to add expected types and/or inheritors to Basic completion lists. If these features are enabled, more suggestions (static members, lambda expressions, and so on) appear. Also, the symbols that fit to the context are automatically preselected.

If a value other than 'None' is chosen, some performance degradation is possible.

Show import items in basic completion

Using these checkboxes, you can optionally add completion items suggested by the Import Symbol Completion to the completion lists of Basic completion.

Show confirmation dialog before adding referenceThis checkbox defines whether to show a confirmation dialog for the double import completion before it adds a new reference to the current project.
Replace keywords with Live TemplatesThis option, which is enabled by default, defines whether to suggest corresponding live templates when you type keywords like for, while, and so on. If this option is disabled, live templates are still available in the completion list but the preferred suggestion in this case is basic keyword completion.

Advanced settings

Parameter Info default locationUse this selector to define whether the Parameter Information popup should appear above or below the line where your caret is.
Start automatic completion on typing afterUse this selector to define the time interval for displaying the Automatic completion popup after you type a character in the editor.
Insert lambda completion items as templatesIf this option is enabled, for lambda completion ReSharper deploys a Hot spot session to allow you specify names for lambda expression parameters.
ReSharper's hot spot session for lambda completion
If this option is disabled, parameter names are chosen automatically.
Suggest to encapsulate fields from base typesIf this checkbox is selected, ReSharper adds fields from all base types to the completion list.
Last modified: 05 October 2021