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C++ Type Conversion Hints

ReSharper options: Environment | Inlay Hints | C++ | Type Conversion Hints

Use this settings page to configure type conversion hints in C++.


Use the selector to choose how inlay hints for type conversions should be displayed in the editor: choose Default to apply the general visibility preference from the Environment | Inlay Hints | General page of ReSharper options , choose Show Always or Never Show to always show or hide hints, or choose Push-to-Hint to hide the hints by default but show them when you press and hold Ctrl.

Show type conversion hints as icons

When this checkbox is enabled, you will see special icons for implicit conversions. Otherwise, you will see a hint with the name of the resulting type of the conversion.

Non-trivial copy constructors

Hints for copy constructor calls notify you about object copying and object slicing, which occurs when an object of a derived type is copied to an object of a base type. ReSharper highlight only calls to non-trivial copy constructors (constructors that can’t simply copy the underlying bytes, but have to also perform some other action).

Non-special constructors and aggregate initialization

Hints for object construction, which can be performed through aggregate initialization or a call to a conversion constructor.

Conversion operators

Hints for implicit conversions that involve a conversion operator.

Standard conversions

Hints for standard conversions covers standard language conversions to or from built-in types:


Hints for implicit conversions between numeric types that might lose precision or convert a signed type to an unsigned type or vice versa.


Hints for boolean conversions where a value of a numeric type is converted to a boolean value.

C++/CLI boxing

Hints for C++/CLI boxing conversions, which result in an allocation on the managed heap.

HLSL conversions

Hints for HLSL conversions between scalar and vector types.

You can configure a list of classes and patterns for which Type Conversion Hints will be always hidden, independently of other preferences.

Last modified: 11 February 2024