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Unreal Engine Testing Framework

ReSharper includes support for the Unreal Engine testing framework. To work with Unreal Engine tests, use the Unit Test Sessions window. In this tool window you can review the results of the tests, reruns failed, and all or specific tests.

UE test passed

Setting up

The Unreal Engine testing framework is built in and the Engine tests work without any additional configuration.

To get Unreal Engine plugin tests running in ReSharper, you need to:

  1. Index plugins by enabling Index plugins setting on the Code Editing | C++ | Unreal Engine page of ReSharper options Alt+R, O.

  2. Reference the plugin that includes the tests in the .uproject file.

Explore tests

In the Unit Test Explorer window, you can explore all the existing categories in the current solution. The categories are defined by the flags passed to the tests. Use Group by switcher to change the grouping in the tool window.

Group By

Run tests

To run a single test or all tests in a test class, click the action indicator next to it. Even if you have a set of Spec tests defined in the Define method after the DEFINE_SPEC macro or the BEGIN_DEFINE_SPEC/END_DEFINE_SPEC macros, ReSharper will successfully discover them and show the corresponding icon. You can also place the caret at the test /test class and press Alt+Enter. In the action list, choose Run/Debug for a test class.

Run Spec test

Alternatively, you can use the Run Unit Tests Run Unit Tests Control+T R/ Debug Unit Tests Debug Unit Tests Control+T D commands, which are also available in the main menu (ReSharper | Unit Tests) and in the context menu.

Tests with EAutomationTestFlags::Disabled flag will stay disabled in ReSharper, and will be marked with the corresponding Ignored symbol. Inconclusive tests are aborted tests, or other tests which were started but ReSharper could not read the test runner output.

Last modified: 12 April 2024