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Reflection specifiers

Unreal Engine uses macros to mark types and type members as available to the reflection system, allowing these structs, classes and enums to be used in Blueprints, as well as be listed and editable in the Unreal Editor. These macros don't always introduce new code, so it's not possible to provide full support simply based on existing language features. ReSharper has specific support for Unreal's reflection macros. It recognises them without waiting for the whole project to be parsed, and understands where they should be used, how, and with what parameters. Check out the video to see ReSharper in action:

ReSharper supports Unreal Engine reflection macros such as UCLASS, USTRUCT, UENUM, and so on, which are used to emulate reflection that is missing in the C++ language. Moreover, ReSharper will resolve entities from GENERATED_BODY() and provide you with completion suggestions, even if your Unreal Engine project is not built.

ReSharper: Code completion for Unreal Engine reflection specifiers

Quick Documentation (Control+Q) and summary tooltips in code completion are also available for reflection macros.

ReSharper: Quick documentation for Unreal Engine reflection specifiers
Last modified: 11 February 2024