JetBrains Rider 2020.3 Help

Find window

View | Tool Windows | Find

This window is used to display various search results (for example, usages of a symbol, exposing APIs of a symbol, and more) It displays results of the latest search as well as results of previous searches in different tabs. The results of each new search command are displayed in a separate tab except for the same search/navigation command.

JetBrains Rider: Find results window

You can quickly open documents containing specific search results by double-clicking on these results.

Toolbar Controls

Depending on the type of search results, the set of toolbar controls may vary.

the Rerun buttonRerun
Repeat the last search.
Icons general pin tabPin TabClick this button to pin or unpin the current tab. You may need to pin a tab to prevent it from closing automatically when the maximum number of tabs is reached in this window.
Themed icon expand all screen gray Themed icon collapse all screen grayExpand All/ Collapse All
Ctrl+NumPad +/ Ctrl+NumPad -
Expands/collapses all nodes in the current tab.
Themed icon up screen gray Themed icon down screen grayPrevious/ Next
Ctrl+Alt+Up/ Ctrl+Alt+Down
Navigate to the previous/next item and scrolls through the source code accordingly.
Icons toolbar decorator exportExportClick this button to export the data currently displayed in the window in text format.
Icons general autoscroll to source Navigate with Single ClickWhen this button is pressed, the editor opens the file and scrolls it according to the items selected in the window.
Themed icon merge screen grayMerge Occurrences on the Same Line
When this option is selected, occurrences on the same line are shown as a single item.
Themed icon usage read screen grayShow Only Read Usages Ctrl+RWhen this option is selected, only read usages are displayed. Available for usages of fields, properties and local variables.
Themed icon usage write screen grayShow Only Write Usages Ctrl+WWhen this option is selected, only write usages are displayed. Available for usages of fields, properties, and local variables.
Icon sort alphabeticallySort Members AlphabeticallyBy default, members are sorted in the declaration order. You can click this button to display members in the alphabetical order.

Title bar context menu and buttons

You can right-click the window title bar and use the context menu to configure its viewing mode, associate the window with a different tool window bar, or resize and hide the window.

You can also use the toolbar buttons:

Scroll from Editor

Automatically sets the focus on the object name in the Project view when the editor area is in focus.

Hide tool windowShift+Escape

Hide the tool window.

To hide all the tool windows, press Ctrl+Shift+F12.

Last modified: 08 March 2021