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File | Settings | Languages and Frameworks | C++ | Clang-Tidy

On this page, you can configure Clang-Tidy integration.

Enable clang-tidy supportLets you enable or disable Clang-Tidy integration.
List of enabled/disabled clang-tidy checks The -checks command line option of the Clang-Tidy binary is used to pass the list of enabled checks, which then gets appended to the value of the checks option read from the Clang-Tidy config.
Additional clang command line argumentsArguments specified in this field are appended to the list of arguments passed to the Clang-Tidy binary.
Reformat changed code after applying Clang-Tidy fix-itsBy default, JetBrains Rider will reformat code changed by Clang-Tidy fixes to maintain the code style.
You can disable this setting to speed up the execution of Clang-Tidy fixes and bulk-reformat the modified code later.
Clang-tidy executable to use By default, JetBrains Rider uses built-in binary of Clang-Tidy 11. You can make JetBrains Rider use any other Clang-Tidy binary (version 7 or later).
  • Bundled- Built-in Clang-Tidy from LLVM 11.0.0.

  • Find in %PATH%- Clang-Tidy found in the location specified in the %PATH% environment variable.

  • Custom- Specific Clang-Tidy executable.

Use a specific clang-tidy configuration fileSpecify a path to the specific Clang-Tidy configuration file. Its content will be converted into a command-line argument and passed to Clang-Tidy.
Last modified: 08 March 2021