Rider for Unreal Engine

Smart C++ and Blueprints support
to craft the best games

Rider for Unreal Engine is now at the Public Preview stage, and this is where we could really use your help! We want your input to help influence the final product, which we plan to release in 2021

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"Epic has always been committed to providing high-quality tools that empower content creators, and we're excited to see JetBrains supporting coders in a similar way through Rider. Combining feature-rich code completion and refactoring tools with a deep integration to the Unreal Engine toolset is fertile ground for transformative workflow improvements."

Ben Marsh,
Lead Programmer, Epic Games

Introducing Rider for Unreal Engine

JetBrains Rider is a powerful and fast IDE for Unreal Engine and Windows C++ development.

Rider is already well known in the worlds of .NET and Unity game development for being a smart cross-platform Unity and .NET IDE. And we're now ready to bring it to the world of Unreal Engine development!

Five reasons to use Rider
for your Unreal Engine games


A Fast IDE with native C++ support

Rider is powered by ReSharper C++, which offers native and cutting-edge support for modern C++. Users are helped daily by its 250+ code inspections, 50+ context actions, solution-wide refactoring, and code generation abilities.

This is all combined with the IntelliJ Platform's solid IDE features, such as super-fast navigation, integrated version control, and extensive plugin support. Rider provides this rich feature set without compromising speed or responsiveness.


Knowledgeable about Blueprints

Rider for UE4 doesn’t just work with your C++ code. It also reads the Blueprints (BP) from your project and the Unreal Editor, along with plugins from both. This allows Rider to show the usages in BP files, as well as the values of the overridden properties. When navigating to BP objects, Rider opens them in the Unreal Editor.


Assists with the reflection mechanism

UE4 reflection macros are more than just simple text! To speed up the process of game development, Rider provides code completion for reflection specifiers and shows the documentation in the Quick Documentation popup.


Takes care of the UE4 code style

Rider accommodates UE4 naming conventions across all its actions, which helps keep your code easy to read. Inconsistent UE4 naming inspections detect names that don’t follow the rules and suggest a quick fix.


Profound code analysis & RPC support

Rider ensures that your UE4 code is accurate with the help of specialized UE4 inspections for missing or incorrectly set UE4 reflection macros. Similarly, code navigation and generation actions are set up to deal with UE4 Remote Procedure Calls correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I own a license for Rider. Will I get Rider for Unreal Engine when it’s released officially?

Yes! Rider for Unreal Engine will be an official part of our JetBrains Rider IDE, which we see as our main offering for game developers.

Rider is a cross-platform IDE. Is UE4 support available on all 3 platforms as well?

For now, Rider for Unreal Engine only operates on Windows. We plan to extend it to macOS and Linux in the future.

Can I debug my UE4 game in Rider?

Rider comes with an LLDB-based debugger developed by the JetBrains team that is capable of debugging code built with the Microsoft Visual C++ compiler. It reads the UE4 natvis files from the project and handles UE4 types nicely.

Do I need a specific project model to start a UE4 project in Rider?

You can simply open your .sln files in Rider. By the time it is released, Rider will also work with the .uproject natively, so you’ll be able to skip the .sln files generation step.

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What the very first early adopters say about Rider for Unreal Engine

Matthew Davey

Matthew Davey


"Rider has quickly become the only IDE I want to use; for any UE4 or Unity programming task. It has saved countless hours through its intuitive workflows, and I cannot praise its P4 integration enough. When producers see the speed at which we can go from tasking to resolution, they are enamored with the product. Rider removes all the developer choke points, which prevent us from doing what we do best, code."

Emanuel May

Emanuel May

Gameplay Programmer

"The speed of Rider C++ is amazing! Opening a full project in around 5 seconds, indexing everything in 20, and finding any symbol in 1. I’ve never worked in C++ for Unreal Engine 4 so fast!"

Antanas Kalininas

Antanas Kalininas

Senior Software Engineer at Massive Entertainment

"Rider has the best code navigation speed I've seen so far, it makes my work much smoother and easier."