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JetBrains Rider is a fast and powerful IDE for Xamarin development. It provides the same incredible user interface and experience on both Windows and macOS. It has all the very best smart code inspections and refactorings to enhance your C# experience and empower you to write error-free code faster.
JetBrains Xamarin SDK
Rider supports the Xamarin SDKs that are installed with Visual Studio and Visual Studio for Mac. If you don’t have a license to use the SDK shipped with Visual Studio, the JetBrains Xamarin SDK can be used instead. This is a custom build of the Xamarin GitHub sources, along with some improvements and additional code.
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First-class Android support
Thanks to the Android plugin from Android Studio, Rider helps with everything related to the Android part of a Xamarin application. You don’t need to switch to another tool, you’ve got everything you need – such as Android Visual Designer, Layout Inspector, AndroidManifest.xml, Logcat, and Android Profiling, just to name a few – right inside Rider.
Manage Android SDK from inside the IDE
Rider helps you install the components required to develop for Android. For example, if you’re targeting Android devices, you’ll need to install the Android SDK, along with a device emulator and other components. Rider suggests launching the Android SDK wizard, which helps you manage all the SDKs required for Android development.
Deep integration with Xcode
Thanks to JetBrains AppCode, Rider provides deep integration with Xcode on macOS. The toolbar contains a list of connected Apple devices, allowing you to easily select the device you want to work with. You can also publish .ipa files directly to an iOS device and manage provisioning profiles for Xamarin iOS projects.
Xamarin.Forms support
Apart from excellent C# language support, Rider offers feature-rich XAML code analysis with fast code completion and several refactorings. With the added support for Xamarin.Forms XAML Hot Reload on Android and iOS platforms, you now have access to a tool that boosts your productivity significantly.
Tobias Hoppenthaler
As IT consultants we usually have to switch more often than not between programming languages and ecosystems. With Rider as the missing piece in JetBrains IDEs we now also can switch easily to .net development and feel at home immediately. We use Rider as our primary IDE for Xamarin development now. The IDE has come a long way!
Tobias Hoppenthaler,
Principal IT Consultant, msg group
Dylan Berry
Rider is the best IDE for .NET development, particularly Xamarin. It’s cross-platform, which means I get the powerful refactoring, unit testing, hot-reload, and other great tools on Mac or Windows!
Dylan Berry,
Technical Consultant, ObjectSharp
Rodney Littles, II
Two things most developers use these days, an IDE, and a text editor. Rider is my IDE. I have been using Rider for developing cross-platform Xamarin applications on macOS since 2017. I used to miss Visual Studio on my Mac. Now that I have Rider, I don’t even use Visual Studio on Windows. Rider has all the tools I need to deliver cross-platform mobile applications, and it works and feels the same on Windows or Mac. Friends don’t let friends use anything else. Ask my friends, they have all switched!
Rodney Littles, II,
Senior Software Engineer
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