ReSharper C++ for Unreal Engine

The Perfect Game Development Companion

A Visual Studio extension
for Unreal Engine developers

Enjoy smart coding assistance

Code completion, code generation, and navigation all work with a deep knowledge of Unreal Engine. ReSharper C++ boasts a first-class C++ parser, as well as remote procedure calls, HLSL support, and a thorough understanding of Unreal Engine reflection mechanisms.

Boost code quality

Catch potential issues, with hundreds of general C++ inspections and dozens of Unreal Engine-specific checks. ReSharper C++ analyzes files while you edit them, detecting errors and possible problems, and suggesting quick-fixes to improve your code.

Adhere to code style

Create a code base that follows the common style and thus is easily maintainable. ReSharper C++ accommodates Unreal Engine naming convention across all its actions and makes sure any inconsistencies are caught.

UnrealHeaderTool Inspections

Take advantage of the seamless integration of UnrealHeaderTool and catch all the issues related to Unreal Engine macros and metadata, before you even compile your code. ReSharper C++ displays errors and warnings right in the editor so you can fix them quickly and continue developing glitch-free games.

Unreal Engine Reflection Mechanism

Benefit from support for the Unreal Engine reflection mechanism. ReSharper C++ understands reflection macros and offers completion and documentation for reflection specifiers inside them. This works without you having to wait for the whole project to be parsed.

High-Level Shading Language

Become more productive with the built-in HLSL shader support, which includes control-flow analysis in HLSL, highlighting, navigation and tooltips, smart suggestions in completion lists, and even refactorings.

Remote Procedure Calls

When working with Unreal Engine based games, ReSharper C++ identifies Unreal Engine Remote Procedure Calls and speeds up your development process with RPC-aware navigation and code generation actions.

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