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Why ReSharper C++

How ReSharper C++ helps Visual Studio users

Analyze and improve code quality

ReSharper C++ highlights code issues in the editor and provides quick-fixes to improve the code in one way or another. Unreachable code? Redundant statements? Suspicious object slicing? Incorrect format specifier? ReSharper C++ will bring these and other kinds of problems to your attention and help you to fix them.

Find usages and navigate code

You can instantly jump to any file, type, or type member in a solution. You can search for usages of code and get a clear view of the found usages, with the grouping and preview options. Last but not least, you can go from any code symbol to its declaration or definition, its base or derived symbols.

Refactor and transform code

Code refactorings for C++ help you safely change your code base, which is especially important in a language as complex as C++. Context actions help switch between alternate syntax constructs and serve as shortcuts to code generation actions.

Generate common code

Code that ReSharper C++ can generate for you includes definitions, missing and overriding members, equality and relational operators, and hash and swap functions. Add to this dozens of customizable templates, and you have the tools to deal with boilerplate code more effectively than ever before.

Run and manage unit tests

ReSharper C++ supports running Google Test and Boost.Test based unit tests in Visual Studio. You can run and debug unit tests contextually, right from the text editor. Dedicated tool windows help you view, group, filter, and run unit tests, and create and manage unit test sessions.

Use a consistent code style

Configure the code formatting options and naming style, and share settings with your teammates; maintaining a consistent code style should never again be a problem.

What’s New

Why upgrade to ReSharper C++ 2020.3

Unreal Engine

Perfect Unreal Engine companion

ReSharper C++ 2020.3 provides seamless integration with UnrealHeaderTool to help you catch issues that are usually discovered only at compile time. ReSharper C++ runs UnrealHeaderTool in the background and displays the analysis results in real time right in the editor.

To improve its HLSL support, ReSharper C++ brings control-flow analysis inspections to shader files. Live tracking of changes to build configuration files lets ReSharper always use the most up-to-date project model.

Fuzzy search

Improved coding assistance and navigation features

We've extended ReSharper's navigation and search features and made them even handier. New ways to use Go to Declaration and peek actions let you easily navigate around your code, while fuzzy text search helps you find a text query even if you leave some words out or make a typo.

Inlay hints often help you read code with ease, but sometimes can be a little overwhelming. If you prefer a cleaner editor, you can now use the new Push-to-Hint visibility setting so that inlay hints display only when explicitly requested. With redesigned options, you can change the visibility of every kind of inlay hint separately, to make the coding experience just right for you.


Even better C++20 support

ReSharper C++ 2020.3 implements the C++20 changes to comparison rules. With rich inspections and error messages, you can rely on ReSharper C++ when you need to understand exactly how your code behaves, while the new quick-fixes help you work with comparison operators easily.

In addition, ReSharper C++ 2020.3 brings new inspections to help you adopt the C++20 ranges library, and adds support for the standard mode of C++20 coroutines introduced in Visual Studio 16.8.

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