JetBrains Rider 2021.2 Help

Parameter Information

Whenever you are writing or studying a function call, JetBrains Rider helps you view details on the allowed arguments for all overloads of the function. In a tooltip, you will see all public signatures with parameters and brief description taken from the function's documentation, if any.

Use Parameter Info

As you are typing parameters, JetBrains Rider automatically highlights the next signature compatible with the entered parameters, and grays out inapplicable signatures. To study alternative signatures of an existing function call, set the caret inside the function's parentheses and then press Ctrl+P or choose View | Parameter Info from the main menu.

Viewing available method signatures using the JetBrains Rider's parameter information tooltip

When the parameter information tooltip is shown, you can press Ctrl+P to scroll through the list of method overloads.

Configure Parameter Info

By default, the parameter information tooltip appears as soon as you type the opening parenthesis of a function call. If necessary, you can disable the automatic appearance or display the tooltip after a timeout using the Show the parameter info popup in preference on the Editor | General | Code Completion page of JetBrains Rider settings Ctrl+Alt+S. If the automatic appearance is disabled, you can always show the parameter information tooltip by pressing Ctrl+P while your caret is inside the function's parentheses.

Last modified: 26 October 2021