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Code Inspections in Internationalization

This topic lists all JetBrains Rider code inspections available in Internationalization.

You can toggle specific inspections or change their severity level on the Editor | Inspection Settings | Inspection Severity | Other Languages page of the Settings/Preferences Ctrl+Alt+S.

InspectionDescriptionDefault Severity
Lossy encoding

This inspection warns you of characters that the current document encoding is incapable to represent.
For example, when you are

  • typing international characters in a document configured to US-ASCII charset. Some characters will be lost on save.

  • or loading UTF-8 -encoded file using ISO-8859-1 one-byte charset. Some characters will be displayed incorrectly.

You fix this by changing the file encoding, either by specifying the encoding directly in the file, e.g. by editing encoding= attribute in the XML prolog of XML file, or configuring the Settings|Project Settings|File Encodings.

Warning Warning
Non-ASCII characters

Reports code that uses non-ASCII symbols in suspicious context.
For example:

  • Non-ASCII characters in identifiers, strings, or comments

  • Identifiers written in different languages, such as my ollection with letter written in Cyrillic.

  • Comments or strings containing Unicode symbols, such as long dashes and arrows

Warning Warning
Last modified: 08 March 2021