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Predefined Surround Templates for ASP.NET(C#)

This topic lists all predefined surround templates for ASP.NET(C#) in JetBrains Rider 2020.3. For more information about surround templates, see Surround Code Fragments with Templates

Template Details

foreach block

Scope ASP.NET tags


<% foreach ($TYPE$ $VARIABLE$ in $COLLECTION$) { %> $SELECTION$ $END$<%}%>


  • COLLECTION - Suggests visible variable that can be enumerated (that is, used in foreach loop as collection)

  • TYPE - Suggest type for a new variable declared in the template

  • VARIABLE - When executed in variable declaration (where variable name should stand), suggests name for the variable.

  • SELECTION - The text selected by the user before invoking the template.

  • END - The caret position after the template is applied.

Before expansion

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After expansion
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Last modified: 30 November 2020