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Predefined Surround Templates for ASP.NET(VB.NET)

This topic lists all predefined surround templates for ASP.NET(VB.NET) in JetBrains Rider 2021.2. For more information about surround templates, see Surround code fragments with templates


For Each block

Scope ASP.NET tags


<%For Each $VAR$ As $TYPE$ In $COL$ %> $SELECTION$ <%Next%>


  • COL- Suggests visible variable that can be enumerated (that is, used in foreach loop as collection)

  • TYPE- Analyzes code and guesses type of element of a collection.

  • VAR- When executed in variable declaration (where variable name should stand), suggests name for the variable.

  • SELECTION- The text selected by the user before invoking the template.

Before expansion

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After expansion
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Last modified: 30 September 2021