JetBrains Rider 2024.1 Help

Code Vision

On this page or JetBrains Rider options, you can configure Code Vision preferences.

Enable code vision

Toggles the Code Vision features globally.

Show unavailable metrics when Solution-Wide analysis is disabled or not ready

Most of Code Vision metrics require analyzing the whole solution, therefore, if the results of the solution-wide analysis are not available, these metrics appear with the question mark. However, you can still click these metrics to start the required calculations and get the corresponding results, for example find usages of the symbol.

Clear this checkbox if you want to hide metrics with question marks. In this case, you can use the Navigate To shortcut Ctrl+Shift+G to get results for hidden metrics.

Default position for metrics

You can choose the default place to display Code Vision metrics — above or after the declaration.

Position of specific metrics can be also specified explicitly in the list of metrics.

Visible metrics above declaration

Maximum number of Code Vision metrics that can be displayed above the declaration. If there are more metrics than the maximum number, you can hover over metrics and then click More to view hidden metrics.

Visible metrics next to declaration

Maximum number of Code Vision metrics that can be displayed after the declaration.

List of metrics

In this list, you can use:

  • checkboxes to show or hide specific Code Vision metrics,

  • position selectors to explicitly specify positions of specific metrics, or choose Default to use the position specified in the Default position for metrics selector above,

  • use the up/down buttons at the right-hand side to change the order in which metrics appear.

Last modified: 11 February 2024