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Code inspection: Some values of the enum are not processed inside 'switch' statement and are handled via default section

When using a switch statement with an enum, it is not required to have a case statement for each enum value — if some values do not have cases, they will be handled in the default section.

This might be intended by the author to handle some unimportant values. But this might be also a consequence of adding a new value to the enum and forgetting to update the switch accordingly.

JetBrains Rider flags such switch statements as potential issues and suggests generating case statements for unhandled values.

enum TestEnum { A, B } class Program { void Test(TestEnum testEnum) { switch (testEnum) { case TestEnum.A: Console.WriteLine("A"); break; // case E.B will be handled in the default section default: Console.WriteLine("X"); break; } } }
Last modified: 11 February 2024